How to Get a NETFLIX Gift Code for Free 2022

how to get a netflix gift code for free

Netflix gift cards are available online and in store from a lot of retailers, and you can always find some websites that offer discounts on them. But still, you may wonder if there’s any chance for you to get a Netflix gift code for free. 

If there’s a free Netflix gift code, it always comes at a price. It may take your time, such as completing long and tedious surveys, or it requires a little bit of luck, such as becoming a winner of a Netflix subscription giveaway. 

Where Can I get free Netflix gift codes? 

It takes time to look for a free Netflix gift code offer, so it's preferable to concentrate on a single website that actually works. Participating in legitimate freebies on a regular basis will not take up much of your time. Netflix gift card giveaways can be found at Julie's Freebie, mostly at Ellen's Netflix gift card giveaways.

  1. Go to Julie's Freebie website.
  2. Type Netflix
  3. You will see a list of Netflix giveaways and their entries and ending time. 
  4. Take part in the giveaway if it’s still available.

In case you are interested in getting more, you can check the list of current free samples you can get by mail. Type Netflix in the search bar on the top of the home page.

It is feasible to obtain a free Netflix gift code, but not through code generator websites, but rather through participation in giveaways. This is a win-win situation as long as you know where to acquire them.

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How to Get Netflix Cheaper?

Well there is exist a couple of ways through which you can get your Netflix gift code cheaper or for free, and I am going to show you some of these methods below in this article. 

Method 1: Sign up for a free trial again

For US citizens, the best option was to join up for a 30-day unlimited free Netflix trial; all you need is a new email address and a new payment method. Netflix, on the other hand, will no longer offer free trials after 2021.

Method 2: Using a VPN service to make Netflix Cheaper

This streaming behemoth is raising its subscription fees in the United States, with the basic plan costing $8.99, the standard plan costing $13.99, and the premium plan costing $17.99. However, in some nations, such as Turkey, this is not the case.

There are a number of free VPN services available that allow you to switch servers, but some VPNs do not unblock Netflix. Plus, when you get anything for free, they're making money off you in some other way. As a result, we advocate a premium subscription for improved security and viewing experience, as it is considerably safer and always comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We propose Nord VPN (which is now providing an 80% discount), which allows you to unblock Netflix films that aren't available in your country.

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Method 3: Overcome the cost  with your Family or Friends

Netflix's regular plan allows you to view on two screens at once (and independently, so you don't have to watch the same thing). As a result, you won't need to create several accounts. Even better, if you reside with three other people, you can divide the premium package, which allows you to watch on four screens at once for $4 per month each. You can even watch in ultra HD.

Furthermore, you won't have to worry about mucking up each other's watchlists or losing track of where you are with a certain show or film because you can establish a different profile for each person on the plan, allowing you to customize Netflix to your preferences.

Method 4: You are able to get Netflix for free with some mobile phone contracts

Some mobile phone networks occasionally offer "Free" Netflix subscriptions with mobile phone contracts, where you pay your monthly fee and Netflix is tossed in for six or twelve months. If you're wanting to transfer cellphone contracts and subscribe to Netflix at the same time, keep an eye out.

If you're considering signing a contract that includes a Netflix subscription, make sure it's worth it. T-Magenta Mobile's and Magenta Plus plans provide a free Netflix membership if you have at least two lines on your account.

Final Thoughts on How to Get a Netflix Gift Code For Free 

Well we have already come to the end of our article and I have mentioned the numerous ways through which you are able to obtain a Netflix Gift code for free so it is left to you to select the method that suits you best and get started. It is feasible to obtain free Netflix gift codes, but it may take hours to finish a survey or some luck to be selected as a winner. Most of the time, the time and effort you've put into this isn't worth it. So you can keep utilizing a VPN service or splitting the account with others to reduce your monthly expense a little bit.

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