How to Get Working Free Virtual Credit Cards Without a Bank Account

How to Get Working Free Virtual Credit Cards Without a Bank Account

Nowadays, online banking is fast taking control of our monetary transactions. So in this article I am goin to show you how you can get a free virtual card without a bank account. In order to go about this, you will need to make use of virtual prepaid credits cards , virtual visa cards or virtual MasterCard debit cards. 

It should be noted that a virtual card woks the same way as a physical card but the difference is that, virual credit cards are created online and they are also used online to carry out transactions such as making online purchases or paying online services. 

Most of the available virtual cards require you to first of all deposit money in them before you are able to make use of the card for transactions , so as to help avoid you from getting into debts and also reduces the risk of becoming a fraud victim. 

What is  a Virtual Credit Card 

A virtual credit card is somehow a more advanced or online version of the physical card as it  creates an extra layer of security for making a credit card payment. A virtual credit card is a randomly generated 16-digit number associated with your actual credit card account. Your credit card provider may offer this service as a way to protect against fraud whenever you shop without presenting your physical credit card. 

However, there are virtual credit cards that are made unique for your account, most especially if you bought the virtual credit card from a trusted issuer. Be it paid or free virtual credit cards, it helps you easily manage your subscriptions and manage them from a dashboard instead of accessing your bank directly.

How do Virtual Credit Cards Work? 

One thing to note with virtual credit cards is that most often, they can be used just once as most virtual credit cards providers use a local credit card in order to generate random virtual credit card that may be used just once. 

But aside from using a virtual credit cards generators, there also exist virtual credit cards providers that are able to provide their customers with virtual credit cards that can be used several times as physical credit cards. More to that, there will be a fee to pay for any transaction that you will carry out using this virtual credit card. 

The amazing news is that, you are now even able to get instant virtual card for free in the USA, UK from online providers such as Neteller, Skrill and even Paypal with ease. 

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Free Virtual Credit Card without Verification 

If you have always been in the search on how you can get an instant virtual card for free, then you can obtain them with some well known providers such as Neteller, Ezzocard and Skrill as previously mentioned above. Another amazing fact is that these suppliers also offer virtual credit card without verification in case you are making use of the card for small amounts. 

One great offer is Curve, as you are able to get virtual credit card for free but in order to start using Curve, you will first need t verify your identity ( which demands a small fee) and link another credit card to your curve account. 

Top 10 Best Ways to get a Virtual Credit Card Without Bank Account 

So in this article, I am going to show you the best ways which you can use in order to have a virtual credit card without a bank account. So stay glued to this article and discover the ways below. 

1. Make use of a Virtual Credit Card Generator 

Here comes the first way by which you can obtain a virtual credit without a bank account via a virtual credit card generator.  You can generate a virtual credit card online due to the fact that a virtual card is similar to a dummy physical card. 

This simply signifies that with a virtual credit card generator, you can get a free virtual credit card without bank account. It is clear that you do not need a bank account to obtain one but for sure you will to provide a name that you will use for your virtual credit card. Anytime you will have to make online transactions, you will not have to insert  your personal details that you used when you were creating your card. To make this process far more easier, you can make use of virtual credit card generator websites or apps. 

You might surely asking yourself how its possible to generate a virtual credit card? well they exist virtual credit card apps that are widely known for generating credit cards from BINs - Bank Identification Number which are actually the 1st 4 or 6 digit that can be found on your credit cards. 

You can use these cards for free trials online for services such as Netflix, Spotify, Crunchroll, YouTube, etc. 

Generator 1
Generator 2
Generator 3

2. PayPal Virtual Credit Card 

So we have seen above how you can get a virtual credit card by making use of card generator but here we now bring to you one of the easiest options to get a free a virtual credit card without bank account which is through PayPal Virtual MasterCard. 

So we that said, if you have a PayPal account, you can generate a PayPal virtual card that will help you finance and catchup with some of your transactions online. But it should be noted that in order to use PayPal services in full, you will have to get a virtual card for PayPal verification. One of the amazing advantages of making use of the PayPal virtual card is that you are able to set a  spending limit on it that will help you avoid you from too much expenditures. 

This feature can also be of great use to you especially when it comes to you having to pay suspicious merchants who overcharge your card upon purchases of their goods and or services. 

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You can also make use of PayPal credit card generator to generate random credit card information for testing. You can create virtual credit card for visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro or JCB so the choice is all left to you depending on the one that you deem necessary for you. 

3. Payooner Virtual Credit Card 

Payooneer is also another great option that you can use in order to get a free virtual card without a bank account. This is a fintech that provides their customers with money transfers and banking services worldwide in almost all countries. So before you can enjoy these services offered by them, you will need to have a payooneer account where you can also get a free payooneer virtual card. 

You should also have in mind that, making use of this virtual card to make payments will imply  some fees, so always make sure you take into consideration the fee before performing any transaction with Payoner Virtual credit cards. 

4. Skrill Virtual Credit Card 

Skrill is an online wallet that carries out transactions such as sending and receiving money to and from your skrill account. This is also a trusted wallet as it is used by numerous marketers, online stores and many online based businesses. 

The credit card that you will obtain from here can be considered as more secured as compared to the other ones due to the fact that,  you can set the period at which you want the virtual credit card to stau active. Skrill Virtuall prepaid credit card makes use of funds in your Skrill wallet, which simply means that you will not need a credit check in order to get your Skrill virtual Mastercard. 

5. Ezzocard Virtual Credit Card 

Ezzocard is a virtual card that you can rely on to make your shopping across the globe as it provides its customers with both MasterCard and Visa. These cards are delivered instantly after you have registerred for an account at The least fee you can pay for ezzocard is $12.99. 

6. NetSpend Virtual Credit Card 

NetSpend offers free prepaid virtual card. Similarly to some of the virtual crediut card that we have already seen above, you will be charged with some small fee on transactions that you will carryout using NetSpend digital card. You are also able to link your virtual credit card with your Visa or MasterCard prepaid card. the only disadvantage of NetSpend is a US virtual card but however there is always a way so if you are really in need of this, you can make use of a VPN or proxy servers to get a virtual card even though outside the the United States. 

7. Neteller Virtual Credit Card 

Neteller is another free virtual credit card provider that allows you to make online payments. This is actually a perfect hook up for those using PayPal and they will not need to link it to a credit card or bank account. 

You are able to sign up for a virtual card on the Neteller website and enter your details but you shoulld have in mind that you will be prompted to put in your ID details which is surely what  most of you do not wish to. You  are required to upload your ID because they are out to maintain security on their platform but once it is uploaded and verified, you will be able to start using the virtual card. 

8. Walmart Virtual Credit Card 

Am sure many of you have come across walmart numerous times as it is a famous online shopping mall that issue we call Walmart MoneyCard, which comes already with an option of virtual cards. With this, you can make your shopping online.  They issue virtual cards to US customers only and once you have registered, you can start using their services immediately. 

9. ecoVirtual Credit Card 

ecovirtual provide their customers with prepaid virtual card and this card is available in 8 currencies thereby helping you to make safe online payments. with their services, you are able to make payments online or over the phone without having to disclose your personal information to merchants. But before you can be eligible to use this virtual card, you need to have a silver level eco account. It is more secured as compared to the others due to its 2 step verification process. It is available only in the Uinted States. 

10. Amex Virtual Credit Cards 

Amex virtual cards can be generated for free by making use of American Express. They have been providing these services for quite years now and you can start using the virtual cards for shopping and buying web hosting services. This is one of the best options for Freelancers, contractors and recruiters to make their payments. 

Final Thought on How to get Free Virtual Credit Cards Without Bank Account 

Above in this article we have given you all the best possible ways by which you can use to get yourself a virtual credit card online for free. Even though there are some on the list that require some fee but they can be highlighted for their security and many other unique aspects. 

We consider virtual credit cards to be the best way for you to do your online shopping as it does not involve you having to expose your real credit card details , added to the fact that you can also set spending limit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do Fake Credit Card generators work? It is not possible for you to make purchases online by making use of fake credit card since most of the shopping sides available online now make use of some security filters that filter fake credit cards. These credit cards are most often only for testing and verification purposes, you can also use them to cancel free trials so that your credit card will not be charged. 

2. Is Netspend a Credit or Debit card? Actually, Netspend can be referred to as a prepaid debit card. Western Union and Netspend have partenered wit the aim of offering prepaid debit MasterCard which is great advancement for the Netspend users. 

3. Is there Neteller Virtual Credit Card? Well the neteller prepaid card functions just like a credit card but the only difference lies in the fact that Neteller virtual  Mastercard is linked to the balance in your Neteller Account.